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Oct 7, 2012 1:30am PDT
...... are the spartans really getting the respect they deserve? ">>>defensive end travis johnson says in order to get that respect they need to keep winning. "yeah i think it's going to take a continuous amount of wins, we're having a good year and we need to finish this off strong and keep getting wins." johnson believes this will be a long term project for the spartans because in previous seasons they have shown a lack of consistency. "if we can on the up, other teams and people are going to start noticing it. we'll start getting ranked more and things like that. so it's not going to be a one year thing it's got to be a two, three years in a row like the other teams have done." but with eight major professional sports teams in the bay area san jose mercury news sports writer mark purdy says....they get all the attention. "in the bay area the real problem for san jose state or really stanford or cal, is cutting through clutter of all the professional teams we have. we have more professional teams than any market in the united states except for new york city." purdy explains that even wi
Oct 14, 2012 1:30am PDT
, one defensive player continues to rack up the accolades, well tell you who it is. and theres something differnt this year with the spartan football team........and its not just the win-loss record. but first we ask students why many of them do not attend the spartan football games. tyler huffman joins us for sports now. anticpation has been building for the homecoming game tyler, hows the football team feel? they're feeling confident and energized, but more than anything they feel prideful. the football team is having a great season heading into conference play. but maybe more important than the team's win-loss record is the growing sense of spartan pride in san jose. ">>>nat sound practice its business as usual on the football field, but on campus spartan football is generating more excitement than in the past. head coach mike macintyre feels the team is working with a new energy now that they've begun to taste the fruits of their labors in the form of victories. macintyre " i think they're excited, they feel good about themselves, they have confidence. they're practicing re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2